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Update by user Aug 20, 2017

When you sell through a company like Houzz which does not respond to your request for cancellation or any support whatsoever for between three and five days, you are denying the customer the ability yo cancel or change an order.

Original review posted by user Aug 19, 2017

Rugs Done Right is selling through Houzz, and since Houzz will not respond to a buyer for up to five days, if you want to cancel or change an order, you can not do so before Rugs Done Right has had the order shipped. Although they claim they have free shipping, they are almost one hundred dollars more expensive than the same rug on a number of other sites.

I was not able to cancel, and wound up with the rug which I am now supposed to pay return shipping for in order to get it back to them. This is a 31 pound 5 X 8 rug and it will add to the extra expense already incurred by paying more than I had to. I tried to cancel the same day because I found the rug for so much less, and was not able to. Rugs Done Right is well aware of the inability of a customer to change or cancel and order, and does nothing to rectify the situation.

They obviously are satisfied with the status quo. Do NOT buy from them.

Other sites are cheaper and have better customer service. They are complicit in making sure a customer can not change his or her mind.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rugs Done Right Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $449.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Company wrote 0 private and 2 public responses to the review from Aug 19, 2017.
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Rugs Done Right Verified Representative

The order you placed was not through RugsDoneRight.com. We received your rug order from Houzz, and processed and shipped it right away.

We shipped you exactly what you ordered, and in a timely manner. Had you liked the rug you would have been thrilled with our prompt service, so in essence what you are not happy with is Houzz and their lack of response to you as their customer. Houzz is a separate company who provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers to interact through the Houzz system. Houzz policies are very strict about seller/ buyer contact in that they only allow it through their "messaging system".

Sadly, this can result in a delay of a notice getting to us. the only time you mentioned the desire to cancel was after you received the rug. If you had wanted to cancel prior to that you could have called our company. Unlike Houzz, our employees answer the phone immediately and are capable of taking action to resolve a concern.

In this case we were never made aware of your intention until after you received your order. Additionally, you placed the order on Houzz. The policy on Houzz is different for returns. Rugs Done Right has a promotion on our website currently for Free Return Shipping on select items.

On Houzz, this policy is not applicable, and in fact appears nowhere. I truly wish you had made a call to us.

We could have prevented you from receiving a rug you didn't want, but instead we filled the order promptly. In today's age, most consumers find this to be admirable, and a requirement of doing business.

to online #1363424

I have to disagree. First of all, nowhere on Houzz's site did they supply information making it possible to deal directly with the seller.

Second, although they may not have received the cancellation notice right away, that request was made immediately on my end. I certainly did not request a cancellation after I received it, but rather right after I placed the order, when I discovered the rug was available elsewhere for almost $100.00 less. The fact that they do not pick up my request or respond to it in a timely fashion should not be my problem. The fact that you were not made aware of my cancellation until ( you believe) I received the order should teach you one thing - do not sell through Houzz, at least not if you want satisfied customers.

If you are selling on Houzz and your policy differs from theirs, you should not be selling on that site. I am not going to spend over $100 to return a rug I wanted to cancel in the first place. I have already paid almost that amount in excess of what I could have purchased it for. I will now have to sell it on Ebay in order to recoup my losses.

Sellers on Amazon and on Ebay are wholly responsible for what they sell, despite selling through another venue. Your responsibility should not differ. You might want to pay attention to the fact that Houzz states that once an order is received and there is a problem, at that time ( and only at that time) do they require that you deal directly with the seller ( and they then provide that information), and to only contact them if there is a problem with the seller.

Well, I have a problem with you, the seller, and obviously with Houzz. Neither of you will ever see my business again.

to Anonymous #1363427
Rugs Done Right Verified Representative

I agree if Houzz did not reply to you it should not be your problem. But why blame us?

You ordered a rug, and we delivered it. It truly seems your aggravation is with Houzz and not with us. There is a Cancel button on Houzz for customers who place orders with them. Did this button not work for you?

That does sound like a technical issue, and they should absolutely be made aware of this. I have contacted them on your behalf to express my deep satisfaction with the way they handled your request, and am awaiting their reply.

to online #1363430

Nope. You can only cancel within thirty minutes, and whoops, I may have missed it by a few.

Ludicrous. I blame you and not Houzz, because you are aware of their policy to not respond for up to five days, and therefore know that a cancellation or change in an order is not even possible. If you know this, and continue to sell through them, you are at the very least in collusion.

You are the seller. Houzz is no more culpable than sites like Amazon and Ebay.

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